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Dressing up can be challenging for seniors, especially those with frail bodies or with physical limitations. At Noah Assisting Living, our staff members are always available to offer gentle assistance to our residents, even in dressing them up. We help our residents dress up appropriately and comfortably.

Dressing up can have a significant impact on our self-esteem. But sometimes seniors cause trouble when getting dressed or have difficulties in choosing appropriate clothing. So, we are always on standby to assist them with dressing and make sure to give them comfortable clothes to make them feel good and motivated. We choose loose-fitting clothes with minimal fastenings or cotton clothing for comfort. As much as possible, we also encourage our residents to choose clothes they like or one that fits their style.

With this assistance, your loved ones can maintain their independence while living with us. If you have questions about our service, feel free to call us.

caregiver and senior woman